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How did you hear about "Out to See"? 




What is your favorite part of the show? 




What would you change about the show?




What would you like to see in the show?




Where is Willis the Whale?

Willis was playing on a playground in our show.  What playground, you ask?  Children's Beach Playground!  

The map below shows you where on Nantucket you can find Children's Beach.  Let's play!


In our pilot episode Clarence learns all about bees on Nantucket.  

There is much more to know!  Click on the links below to learn more.

Out to See Inc. provides children’s entertainment and is based on Nantucket Island.  

We envision a joyous, playful, connected global community that cares for our earth and the living things that share it. We endeavor to inspire and encourage human connection, imagination, environmental stewardship and global discovery.

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