About Lizza and Sue!

Lizza Obremski discovered at an early age that she has a knack for bringing inanimate objects to life with her fanciful imagination. Mashed potatoes would turn into castles on young Lizza’s plate, potholders became princesses, and every car ride was an opportunity for a sing-a-long. When Lizza moved to Nantucket in seventh grade she sensed immediately that she’d landed in a spot where her creativity could flourish. Children have always been drawn to Lizza and her unique abilities to find the fun in everything and connect with them on their level. She has been referred to as “kid catnip”. After graduating from Wheelock College with a degree in Elementary Education and Theater, Lizza taught preschool on Nantucket, kindergarten in Beirut, Lebanon, and first grade in Potrero, Costa Rica. She then tromped around Southeast Asia for three months, ultimately deciding to follow her heart and focus on puppetry as a career. When not working with puppets, Lizza teaches music to children in the local schools. She is now ready to take her show from classrooms and local venues and head “Out to See”!

Sue Riddle was born in a small town in the heart of New England to a family of teachers, naturalists and hands on doers. Her early years were spent drawing and poking around streams, meadows, and gardens. Through the awkward years art was a reliable life raft and so, off to art school she went.After some embarrassing years of 80’s fashion, she graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in illustration and promptly moved to the mountains of Montana to paint, draw, bake, and hike. Later, back in Rhode Island, she worked as a freelance illustrator, set designer and illustrated a children's book on monarch butterflies. There she fell in love with a carpenter and moved to Nantucket. The salt air, the kind community, and the spirit of adventure the island maintains, proved to be the perfect recipe for raising a small sturdy family. The Nantucket community kept Riddle afloat as she navigated the sometimes uncertain waters of motherhood and art. Today she has thrown herself headlong into the creation of Out to See, Nantucket’s new travel children’s television show. 

Today, Lizza Obremski and Sue Riddle have joined forces to bring you “Out to See”.  

We hope you will join us as we set out on our next adventure!

Out to See Inc. provides children’s entertainment and is based on Nantucket Island.  

We envision a joyous, playful, connected global community that cares for our earth and the living things that share it. We endeavor to inspire and encourage human connection, imagination, environmental stewardship and global discovery.

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